Things every man needs to know: An Essential Guide to being a happy man

Things every man needs to know: An Essential Guide to being a happy man

The Macho Man is changing

There is almost an unsaid standard that has been set for men when it comes to how they are supposed to present themselves not just in terms of what they wear but how they behave. The Macho man of the yesteryears is now the alpha male, just a change in terminology but the characteristics associated are still the same, and so, from Amitabh Bachchan's angry young man to Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh, not much has changed over the years except the terminologies used to describe these men of fragile egos and toxic masculinity. These unrealistic portrayals of men in the popular media have done nothing to ease the underlying emotional trauma of men who have been told to suck up and not be sensitive, not to show emotion when it only makes them human to do so. Hence, it is time we address the fact that the idea of a macho man, or more so the ideal man is changing.


In a recent study conducted about emotional well-being 52% of the men thought that being sensitive is a positive trait and associated the trait with being a good leader. Not just that but 55% of men respondents believe that being sensitive makes them more likeable thus, alluding to the fact that the idea of a man who shows sensitive emotions like crying, who is a good listener, feels all his emotions deeply, asks for help, takes care of his hygiene and overall upkeep has become aspirational and men are consciously instilling these traits in them and are ok revealing them. 

‘Be a Man’.. who Self-cares

While the idea of being a man is changing, the importance of conscious self-care amongst men still ranks low. When it comes to the upkeep of our body, we men tend to think of it more from an external point of view of physique, which makes us set unrealistic standards of how much physical strain we can endure. However, studies suggest that cases where young men have suffered heart strokes after rigorous workout sessions were because of undiagnosed heart conditions or early signs of it. Hence, it is more important to understand our body’s natural capacity and pace our workout intensity gradually over a period of time than to be able to flaunt six-pack abs made overnight. Your body is the most valuable asset and the central key to your happiness, and more often than not, improper care and half-baked knowledge can lead to neglect that can pile up eventually to cause a significant dysfunction in our life, resulting in an unhappy and unfulfilled life. Taking active notes about the signs your body is giving and taking proper measures is the first step to being actively involved in your self-care as a man. Apart from this, being involved in simple self-care activities like a grooming routine, basic skin care, breathing, and chant meditation can release stress and give a sense of control to your day and your overall well-being.

The Inside-Out Way to Happiness:

It is more often than not that men tend to consider happiness from an achievements standpoint- where a man who amassed wealth, status and the ability to provide material comforts to his family is considered a happy well-established man. But, we are sorry to break it to you that happiness is more of an inside thing, and while we all know about the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ which is to enjoy life from within through the free feeling of contentment, the actual map that leads to this feeling is missing from our lives. So what exactly should you do to achieve true happiness?


Starting from the basics, research suggests that people who feel clear and confident about themself feel relatively happier from within than people who have a poor self-concept. Using the science of dressing in a certain way in order to feel psychologically pleasant and positive is popularly termed as ‘Dopamine Dressing’. Studies by the American Association for the Advancement of Science &  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology imply that certain colors, and patterns are said to have a calming, cheerful impact on the mind and the clothing that you wear can set into motion a positive feedback loop. Thus, dressing well, and pampering your body and skin with the things that make you feel good about yourself can be the starting point to achieving the inner feeling of contentment.

Ditch the Guilt, Take a Breather of Comfort

It is almost an unsaid expectation from men that they have to be great multi-taskers and be able to deal with the tasks of responsibility of the family, the workplace, and their social circle seamlessly.  If we talk about an average Indian family, the young men of the house are the unofficial family chauffeurs, porters, electricians, and once they start earning- they are to be contributors to the monthly expenses of the house. But you don’t have to feel guilty for not being able to single-handedly take on the wide plethora of tasks thrown at you. And to be able to do that well, the following practices can be a great place to begin.

  • Say ‘No’: Being assertive is not bad, it’s an essential hack to survive unnecessary drama and stress. So next time your mom urges you to pick up that distant relative on the way or if it's your distant uncle expecting you to know how to fix a leaking pipe, take a breather and say no.

  • Mindfulness Activities: painting, meditating, journaling, taking a stroll all alone, going on a long drive or just a bike ride all these activities put us off the hustle and bustle of everyday life, its people and their stressful expectations which is a must-have breather to stay fit and be a happy man.

Handle with Care. And, a Dash of style

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